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New issue: vol 127 issue 2

Our latest issue is out!  Check out the latest research on Canadian wildlife and natural history.  Among this issue's articles:
  • What do Black Bears eat throughout the year?
  • Trumpeter Swans vs Snapping Turtles ... FIGHT!
  • Putting the History in Natural History: exploring past B.C. seabird activities through tree ring growth and stable isotopes
  • Splitting hairs blades: the niches of grasses
  • Plants killing birds
  • Owwwls iiiiin spaaaaace (or at least the Arctic)
  • And an essay against historical over-forestation of Ontario


The response of invertebrate populations in three undisturbed soils in southwestern Ontario, Canada, to variations in local soil properties, seasonal changes, and climate (103-117)
Ian W. E. Harris

Temporal variation in food habits of the American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) in the boreal forest of northern Ontario (118-130)
Derrick A. Romain, Martyn E. Obbard, James L. Atkinson

Relative abundance of the Prairie Long-tailed Weasel (Mustela frenata longicauda) in southwestern Alberta (131-137)
Garry E. Hornbeck, Dan Soprovich

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) behaviour, interactions with Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina), and their Pleistocene history (138-145)
Harry G. Lumsden

Tree ring growth and stable isotopes as potential indicators of historical seabird activities on forested islands in coastal British Columbia (146-154)
T. E. Reimchen, S. McGehee, B. W. Glickman

Ecological and geographical separation of three varieties of Sporobolus vaginiflorus (Poaceae) in eastern Ontario (155-163)
Paul M. Catling

Bird behaviour on and entanglement in invasive burdock (Arctium spp.) plants in Winnipeg, Manitoba (164-174)
Todd J. Underwood, Robyn M. Underwood


Flight of a flock of Common Eiders, Somateria mollisima, in Northumberland Strait interrupted by the Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick–Prince Edward Island (175-177)
Colin M. MacKinnon, Andrew C. Kennedy, Matthew L. Horsman

Documentation of infanticide in American Marten (Martes americana(178-179)
Amy Dubruiel, James E. Woodford, David M. MacFarland

Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) breeding in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba (180-184)
N. C. Asselin, M. S. Scott, J. Larkin, C. Artuso

First nesting records for the Short-eared Owl, Asio flammeus, on Banks Island, Northwest Territories: evidence of range expansion to arctic islands in Canada (185-188)
Cynthia Marjorie Smith, Norman Andrew Lawrence, Rosemary Anne Buck

Book Reviews
"The Unfeathered Bird" by Katrine van Grouw. 2013. [book review] (189-190)
Matthew Iles

"Biology and Conservation of Martens, Sables and Fishers – A new synthesis" edited by K. B. Aubry et al. 2012. [book review] (190)
Randy Lauff

"Mammals of China" edited by Andrew T. Smith and Yan Xie. 2013. [book review] (191)
Roy John

"Odd Couples" by Daphne J. Fairbairn. 2013. [book review] (191)
Roger D. Applegate

"Wildlife of Australia" by Iain Campbell and Sam Woods. 2013. [book review] (192)
Roy John

"Aldrovanda, The Waterwheel Plant" by Adam Cross. 2012. [book review] (192-193)
Jim O'Neill

"Antarctica – Global Science from a Frozen Continent" edited by David W. H. Walton. 2013. [book review] (193-194)
Geoffrey Carpentier

"For the Birds – Recollections and Rambles" by Fred Helleiner. 2013. [book review] (195)
Roy John

"Birdfinding in British Columbia" by Russell Cannings and Richard Cannings. 2013. [book review] (195-196)
Roy John

New titles (196-197)

News and Comment
The cult of the Red Pine – a useful reference for the over-afforestation period of Ontario (198-199)
Paul M. Catling

Canadian Herpetologist new issue; Irwin (Ernie) Brodo Awarded an Honorary Degree by Carleton University; Manitoba Government Introduces North America’s First Ecosystem Protection Legislation; Dr. J. Roger Bider 1932–2013; Worldwide Raptor Conference (199-200)

Spelling error in citation in CFN 127(1):79 (200)

Club Reports
Editor’s Report for Volume 126 (2012) (201-202)
Carolyn Callaghan

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