Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apology for the lack of blog posts & new issue coming soon

I'm sorry for how infrequently I have been writing blog posts lately.  My family and I recently moved from Ottawa to Peterborough, Ontario (about 250 km west of Ottawa), to be closer to our extended family.  Moving, looking after my kids while my wife worked as a post-doc doing bird ecology, and looking for a job all took a lot of time. I would have been a bit of a jerk as a father if I'd found the time to blog but no time to hang a swing for my daughter, for instance.  I just started a job in the Fisheries Policy section of Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources, we found daycare, and things are settling down, so my journal work won't be as neglected as it has been over the past couple of months.  My apologies to you for my hiatus, and thank you for your patience as I catch up on neglected tasks.

Good news: our next issue (volume 127 issue 2) is about to be published!  This issue has some really cool research.  I may be biased, but I volunteer for this journal because I love Canadian wildlife, and this issue has some great wildlife research across geographic and taxonomic scales.  Alberta prairie weasels, Ontario soil nematodes, ancient seabirds of B.C., Arctic owls, and killer invasive plants in Manitoba among other cool articles.

Instead of hitting refresh on our journal site every two minutes to find out if the issue has been published, just register as a Reader on our site and you will receive the table of contents once the issue is published.  Because internet = magic!

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