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ANOTHER new issue: vol 127 issue 4

We just published our latest issue (volume 127 issue 4, Oct-Dec 2013).  If this sounds familiar, that's because we've published three issues in three months - an unorthodox pace for a quarterly journal! With the publication of this issue, we are officially caught up in our publication schedule!

A big thank you to all of the authors, reviewers, editors, and others who helped us catch up. Drs. Cook, Callaghan, and Rytwinski deserve special thanks for their incredible efforts as past, present, and interim Editors-in-Chief, respectively. And thank you, loyal reader, for your patience as we have been so busy lately with this publication schedule. We do what we do for readers like you.

This issue has great research from across the taxonomic spectrum.  This includes a Canada Lynx article (of cover photo fame) with HD videos of Lynx behaviour, and a Wolverine article that is garnering significant media attention (e.g., CTV News with video, and a story written by Tyler Irving that was published by various outlets including the Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, and CBC). Meanwhile Tom Spears with The Ottawa Citizen picked up on our article about an alvar-inhabiting orchid in eastern Ontario. Browse our table of contents below to see what piques your fancy.

Covers pdf

Density and abundance of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera, in the Kennebecasis River, New Brunswick and evidence of recent recruitment (303-309)
M. C. Sollows, Donald F. McAlpine, K. R. Munkittrick

Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) detection and behaviour using remote cameras during the breeding season (310-318)
Shannon M. Crowley, Dexter P. Hodder, Karl W. Larsen
Video of a group of lynx:
Video of lynx scent-marking:

Invasion of Rosa rugosa (Rugosa Rose) into coastal plant communities of Brier Island, Nova Scotia (319-331)
David J. Garbary, Nicholas M. Hill, Anthony G. Miller

New and noteworthy records of Orthoptera and allies in the Maritimes and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec (332-337)
Paul M. Catling, Donald F. McAlpine, Christopher I. G. Adam, Gilles Belliveau, Denis Doucet, Aaron D. Fairweather, David Malloch, Dwayne L. Sabine, A. W. Thomas

Isotopic evidence of salmon, Oncorhynchus spp., in the diet of the Wolverine, Gulo gulo, on Princess Royal Island, British Columbia (338-342)
Thomas F. Shardlow

Attempted conspecific cavity usurpation by Red-headed Woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) (343-345)
Jacob L. Berl, John W. Edwards, Jeff S. Bolsinger

Attempted predation of a diurnally active Spotted Bat (Euderma maculatum) by a Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) (346-347)
Thomas S. Jung

Great Plains Ladies’-tresses, Spiranthes magnicamporum: disjunct in eastern Ontario and a new orchid species for the Ottawa District and Lanark County (348-351)
Joyce M. Reddoch, Paul M. Catling, Allan H. Reddoch

Tributes and Obituaries
A tribute to Laurie Lynn Consaul, 1960–2012 (352-357)
Lynn Gillespie

A tribute to John Roger Bider, 1932–2013 (358-365)
Rodger D. Titman, G. Jean Doucet, Gregory Weil, David M. Bird

Book Reviews
"In The Presence of Buffalo: Working to Stop the Yellowstone Slaughter" by Daniel Brister. 2013. [book review] (366-367)
Jon Way

"Frogs of the United States and Canada (2 Volumes)" by C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. 2013. [book review] (368-369)
Francis R. Cook

"Frogs of the United States and Canada (2 Volumes)" by C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. 2013. [book review] (369-370)
David Seburn

"Enter the Realm of the Golden Eagle" by David H. Ellis. 2013. [book review] (370-371)
C. Stuart Houston

"Looking for the Goshawk" by Conor Mark Jameson. 2013. [book review] (371)
Roy John

"Rare Animals of India" edited by Natarajan Singaravelan. 2013. [book review] (372-373)
Roy John

"The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees. Second Edition." by David More and John White. 2013. [book review] (373-374)
Bev McBride

"Walking Wild Shores: Portraits of the Natural World" by Kevin Winker. 2013. [book review] (374-375)
Bev McBride

"The Efficiency Trap: Finding a Better Way to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future" by Steve Hallett. 2013. [book review] (375-376)
Jim O'Neill

New titles (377)
Roy John

News and Comment
The Canadian Herpetologist latest issue; Upcoming meetings (378)

Club Reports
The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club Awards for 2012, Presented April 2013 (379-384)
Eleanor Zurbrigg, Irwin Brodo, Julia Cipriani, Christine Hanrahan, Ann MacKenzie

Index to Volume 127 (385-394)
William Halliday

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