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New issue: vol 127 issue 1

Lots of great stuff all over the geographic and taxonomic maps!  Tracking Canada goose migrations.  Meadow voles OM-NOM-NOMing on bioenergy crops.  The (lack of) effect prescribed burning has in controlling trembling aspen encroachment into grassland.  A new bee for Canada (beauty cover photo).  A taxonomic distinction between "coywolves" and other wolf and coyote taxa.  And an article with video supplement showing a Cougar scared away from its deer kill by a brave hungry skunk.  All this and more - just browse below!

Taxonomic Implications of Morphological and Genetic Differences in Northeastern Coyotes (Coywolves) (Canis latrans × C. lycaon), Western Coyotes (C. latrans), and Eastern Wolves (C. lycaon or C. lupus lycaon) (1-16)
Jonathan G. Way

Spring Migratory Pathways and Migration Chronology of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis interior) Wintering at the Santee National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina (17-25)
Molly M. Giles, Patrick G. R. Jodice, Robert F. Baldwin, John D.Stanton, Marc Epstein

Visitations by Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanus) to and Possible Geophagy of Materials from an Iron-Rich Excavation in North-Central British Columbia (26-30)
Roy V. Rea, Christina L. Stumpf, Dexter P. Hodder

Community-Based Observations of Marine Mammal Occurrences in Groswater Bay, Labrador (31-37)
Keith G. Chaulk, Daniel Michelin, Melva Williams, Tony Wolfrey

The Ocean Pout, Zoarces americanus, and the Ocean Sunfish, Mola mola: Additions to the Marine Ichthyofauna of the Lower Saint John River System, New Brunswick, with a Summary of Marine Fish Reported from the Estuary (38-43)
Donald F. McAlpine

Suspected Selective Herbivory of Bioenergy Grasses by Meadow Voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) (44-49)
Heather A. Hager, Frances E. C. Stewart

Prescribed Burning Has Limited Long-Term Effectiveness in Controlling Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides) Encroachment into Fescue Grassland in Prince Albert National Park (50-56)
Digit D. Guedo, Eric G. Lamb

Consumption of Truffles and other Fungi by the American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) and the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) (Sciuridae) in Northwestern Ontario (57-59)
Jocelin N. Teron, Leonard J. Hutchison

First Record of the Bee Melitta americana (Smith) (Hymenoptera: Melittidae) for Quebec and Canada (60-63)
André Payette

Encounter Competition between a Cougar, Puma concolor, and a Western Spotted Skunk, Spilogale gracilis (64-66)
Maximilian L. Allen, L. Mark Elbroch, Heiko U. Wittmer

Plant Climbing in the Northern Two-lined Salamander, Eurycea bislineata, in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (67-69)
David L. LeGros

Age Structure of Moose (Alces alces) Killed by Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) in Northeastern Minnesota, 1967–2011 (70-71)
L. David Mech, Michael E. Nelson

Indirect Cannibalism by Crèche-aged American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) Chicks (72-75)
Alisa J. Bartos, Marsha A. Sovada, Lawrence D. Igl, Pamela J. Pietz

Tributes and Obituaries
Tribute to George F. Ledingham (1911–2006), a Conservation Leader for Western Canada (76-81)
Daniel F. Brunton, C. Stuart Houston, Mary I. Houston

Book Reviews
"Where to Watch Birds in Canterbury (New Zealand)" by Nick Allen. 2012. [book review] (82)
Roy John

"The World’s Rarest Birds" by Erik Hirschfeld et al. 2013. [book review] (82-83)
Roy John

"Concealing Coloration in Animals" by Judy Diamond and Alan Bond. 2013. [book review] (83-84)
Roy John

"The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors" by Richard Crossley et al. 2013. [book review] (84-85)
Howard O. Clark

"Ecology and Conservation of the Sirenia. Dugongs and Manatees" by Helene Marsh et al. 2011. [book review] (85-86)
Ted Armstrong

"The Snakes of Ontario: Natural History, Distribution and Status" by Jeffrey C. Rowell. 2013. [book review] (87-89)
Ronald J. Brooks

"Common Mosses of the Northeast and Appalachians" by Karl B. McKnight et al. 2013. [book review] (89)
Roger Applegate

"More Than Birds: Adventurous Lives of North American Naturalists" by Val Shushkewich. 2013. [book review] (90)
Roy John

"Climate Change Biological and Human Aspects (Second Edition)" by Jonathan Cowie. 2013. [book review] (91)
Brent Tegler

"Dinosaur Train" produced by The Jim Henson Company et al. [TV series review] (91-93)
Jay M. Fitzsimmons

"Protection of the Three Poles" edited by Falk Huettmann. 2012. [book review] (93-94)
Marco Restani

New titles (95-96)

News and Comment
Can we Create Alvars or Fully Restore those Damaged? (97-101)
Paul M. Catling

Outstanding Service from Associate Editors; Upcoming Meetings & Workshops (101-102)

Erratum: book reviews (102)

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