Monday, April 1, 2013

Canadian Field-Naturalist purchased by Elsevier, renamed "Canadian Journal of Natural Historyomics" (April Fools post)

It is my pleasure to announce that, after 133 years being a lowly non-profit journal dedicated to spreading knowledge of Canadian nature, we have decided to get with the times.  We have sold our journal to Elsevier.  Elsevier's second order of business, after raising subscription fees 500%, was to re-name the journal The Canadian Journal of Natural Historyomics.

Elsevier spokesperson Cyril Sneer said "What is natural history?  I don't know, and maybe you don't either.  But what is natural historyomics?  Everybody knows - it's something important because it says -omics."  He continued, "this isn't just a re-naming, this is a complete re-branding of a journal from something that screams 'old' to something that screams 'trendy - OMG!'"

Some have criticized our move, saying that adding "-omics" to the end of a word does nothing more than lengthen it.  Dr. Jonathan Eisen, a Professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at the University of California at Davis, disagrees.  "It is well known that adding -omics to the end of a word improves the quality of the underlying research."  In related news, Dr. Eisen has announced he will change his name to Dr. Eisenomics.

Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian Journal of Natural Historyomics, Dr. Carolyn Callaghan, praised the bold move.  "Our journal has changed names in the past.  It went by the name Transactions of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club from 1880-1887, then The Ottawa Naturalist for 1888-1918.  So The Canadian Journal of Natural Historyomics is the logical next step."

We have also entered into an agreement with the journal De Novo to collaborate on future projects such as their publication of Sasquatch genetics.

We welcome our new Elsevier overlords partners, and look forward to our future together.

*Yes, this whole post is an April Fool's joke.  Please don't take it seriously, take offence, or sue us.

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