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New issue published: vol 126 issue 3

We have published a new issue!  Actually we published it a couple of weeks ago, but I was busy finishing my PhD thesis revisions (my PhD is finally over), so this blog post had to wait on a back burner temporarily.  I apologize for the delay.

Volume 126 issue 3 covers a variety of taxa, regions, and topics, as you've come to expect from CFN.  Predictors of snake roadkill? Check.  Caribou crossing sea ice? Check.  Plus some of the most bad-ass animals are featured in all their bad-ass glory: badgers, fishers, wolves, and lamprey.  And orchids and willows, which I will also call bad-ass just so my botanist friends do not flog me with poison ivy.  Enjoy the issue!

The Influence of Willow Salix sp. Rose Insect Galls on Moose Alces alces Winter Browsing (189-193)
Roy V. Rea

Proximity to Hibernacula and Road Type Influence Potential Road Mortality of Snakes in Southwestern Saskatchewan (194-203)
Ashley N. Fortney, Ray G. Poulin, Jessica A. Martino, Dennilyn L.Parker, Christopher M. Somers

Early Spawning by the American Brook Lamprey (Lethenteron appendix) in Southeastern Minnesota (204-209)
Philip A. Cochran, Mark A. Ross, Thomas S. Walker, Trevor Biederman

First Specimens of the Marine Eels Venefica ocella and V. tentaculata (Nettastomatidae) from British Columbia (210-216)
Gavin F. Hanke, Steven M. Roias

Sea Ice Crossing by Migrating Caribou, Rangifer tarandus, in Northwestern Alaska (217-220)
Kyle Joly

Use of a Dorsal Radio-Transmitter Implant in American Badgers, Taxidea taxus (221-225)
Gilbert Proulx, Neil MacKenzie

Observations of Nocturnal Hunting Behaviour of American Badgers, Taxidea taxus, in Southwestern Saskatchewan (226-230)
Gilbert Proulx, Neil MacKenzie

A Significant Range Extension for the Eastern Ribbonsnake, Thamnophis sauritus, in Nova Scotia, Canada (231-233)
John Gilhen, Alice Jones, Jeffie McNeil, Arthur W. Tanner

In situ Caching of a Large Mammal Carcass by a Fisher, Martes pennanti (234-237)
Ethan A. Hüner, Justin F. B. Peter

Severe Maxillary Osteomyelitis in a Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) (238-241)
Shannon Barber-Meyer

The Impact of Deer Herbivory and Drought on Population Growth of Goodyera pubescens (Orchidaceae) in Southwestern Quebec (242-244)
Joyce M. Reddoch, Allan H. Reddoch

Tributes and Obituaries
A Tribute to Stewart Dixon MacDonald, 1927–2010 (245-251)
David R. Gray, Sally E. Gray

A Tribute to Donald M. Britton (1923–2012), Canada’s Premier Pteridologist (252-259)
Daniel F. Brunton

Book Reviews
"Birds of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan" by Raffael Ayé et al. 2012. [book review] (260-261)
Roy John

"Birds of the Masai Mara" by Adam Kennedy and "Animals of theMasai Mara" by Adam and Vicki Kennedy. 2012. [book review] (261-262)
Roy John

"Squirrels of the World" by R. W. Thorington et al. 2012. [book review] (262)
Randy Lauff

"Okanagan Geology South: Geologic Highlights of the South Okanagan Valley, British Columbia" edited by Murray A. Roed and Robert J. Fulton. 2011. [book review] (263-264)
Alwynne B. Beaudoin

New titles (264)
Roy John

News and Comment
Northeast Natural History Conference 2013; American Society of Mammalogists Annual Meeting 2013 (265)
Carolyn Callaghan

Erratum: Caractéristiques d’une population introduite du Grand brochet, Esox lucius, dans le lac Ramsay, Parc de la Gatineau, Québec, et impact sur l’ichtyofaune. (2005) 119(3): 359-366. (265)
Josiane Vachon, Brigitte F. Lavallée, François Chapleau

Club Reports
Minutes of the 133rd Annual Business Meeting of The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club January 10, 2012 (266-277)
Ann MacKenzie

Instructions for Authors (278-280)
Carolyn Callaghan

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