Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conference listing: a present from us to you

A couple months ago I posted a list of upcoming biology conferences related to North American natural history.  It included dates, places, websites, and Twitter streams for each.  Turns out, people really liked it.  So I've changed our blog to add a conference listing as a distinct page.  I'll update the list periodically to remove finished conferences and add more upcoming ones.  You can bookmark the page and keep checking back periodically to find out what conferences interest you.  We hope many biologists, naturalists, and curious enthusiasts will rely on this page as their go-to source for conferences - it should save people time from tracking so many societies' websites themselves.

Also, we will be at this weekend's Entomological Society of Ontario conference, near our home in Ottawa, Ontario.  We will have a booth.  I may or may not be biking there, so I'll see how much of a sponsor booth I can fit in my backpack and paniers!

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend Jay, and seeing the CFN's bike-sized traveling display!


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