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New issue published: vol 125 issue 4

We just published the latest issue of The Canadian Field-Naturalist.  Vol 125 issue 4 is the final issue of our 2011 volume, and we're getting set to publish our first issue of our 2012 volume shortly.  It feels great to be catching up our publication lag; big thanks to former and current Editors-in-Chief Francis Cook and Carolyn Callaghan, respectively, for their work catching us up.  The issue just published has lots of great research, book reviews, and a couple of tributes.  Owls, bees, invasive plants, wolves, and a note and cover photo featuring the eeriest salamanders you've ever seen.

The Canadian Field-Naturalist
Vol 125, No 4 (2011)
Table of Contents

Bees and Butterflies in Burned and Unburned Alvar Woodland: Evidence for theImportance of Postfire Succession to Insect Pollinator Diversity in anImperiled Ecosystem (297-306)        Alana N. Taylor,        Paul M. Catling

Some Observations of Short-eared Owl,  Asio flammeus , Ecology on ArcticTundra, Yukon, Canada (307-315)        Donald G. Reid, Frank I. Doyle, Alice J. Kenney,        Charles J. Krebs

Effects of Post-Fire Salvage Logging on Cavity-Nesting Birds and SmallMammals in Southeastern Montana (316-326)        William J. Kronland,    Marco Restani

Saxicolous Bryophytes of an Ordovician Dolomite Escarpment in InterlakeManitoba, with New Species Records for the Province (327-337)        Richard T. Caners

Rarity Status Assessments of Bugseeds (Amaranthaceae:  Corispermum ) inManitoba (338-352)        Diana Bizecki Robson

Gray Wolf ( Canis lupus ) Movements and Behavior Around a Kill Site andImplications for GPS Collar Studies (353-356)        L. David Mech

Butterflies Recorded on Flattop Mountain, Anchorage, Alaska (357-358)        Lance A. Durden

A Second Amelanistic Eastern Red-backed Salamander,  Plethodon cinereus ,from Nova Scotia, Canada (359-362)        Ronald W. Russell,      Wilfried Beslin,        Maia Hudak,     Ayokunle Ogunbiyi,      AveryWithrow,        John Gilhen

Communal Oviposition in the Northern Two-lined Salamander ( Euryceabislineata ) in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (363-365)        David L. LeGros

Fetid Dogweed ( Dyssodia papposa ; Asteraceae) and Slender Russian Thistle (Salsola collina ; Amaranthaceae), New to Alberta, Canada (366-369)        Michael J. Oldham,      Joyce Gould,    Jane M. Bowles

Tributes and Obituaries
Robert (Bob) Ronald Campbell (1943–2011): Biologist, Conservationist,
Pastor (370-372)
        Claude B. Renaud

A Tribute to Joseph Schieser Nelson, 1937–2011 (373-380)
        Alison M. Murray,       Michael G. Sullivan,    John Acorn

Book Reviews
"Handbook of Birds of the World. Volume 16: Tanagers to New World
Blackbirds" edited by Josep del Hoyo et al. [book review] (381-382)
        Roy John

"National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America – Sixth
Edition" by Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer. 2011. [book review] (382)
        Roy John

"Carnivores of the World" by Luke Hunter. 2011. [book review] (382-383)
        Roy John

"Insect Ecology: Behavior, Populations and Communities" by Peter W. Price et
al. 2011. [book review] (383)
        Joel F. Gibson

"Petrels, Albatrosses and Storm Petrels of North America" by Steve N. G.
Howell. 2012. [book review] (384)
        Roy John

"Venomous Reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico. Volume
2:  Crotalus " by Carl H. Ernst and Evelyn M. Ernst. 2012. [book review]
        David Seburn

"Cactus Plant Resources and Utilization" edited by Tian Guohang and Zhao
Tianbang. 2011. [book review] (385-386)
        Li Dezhi,       Qin Aili

"Walnut Germplasm Resources in China" edited by Pei Dong and Lu Xinzheng.
2011. [book review] (386-387)
        Li Dezhi,       Qin Aili

"Interactions and Coevolution of Life and Earth Environment" edited by Xie
Shucheng et al. 2011. [book review] (388-389)
        Li Dezhi,       Qin Aili

"Techniques for Restoration and Reconstruction of Mangrove Forests in China"
by Liao et al. 2011. [book review] (389-390)
        Li Dezhi,       Qin Aili

"!Priority! The Dating of Scientific Names in Ornithology: A Directory to
the Literature and its Reviewers" compiled and edited by Edward C. Dickinson
et al. 2011. [book review] (390-391)
        C. Stuart Houston

"A Zoologist on Baffin Island – 1953" by Adam Watson. 2011. [book review]
        Ian McLaren

New titles (392-394)
        Roy John

News and Comment
Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada Awards 2011; The Canadian
Herpetologist Fall 2011; Naming Rights to Two Newly Discovered Lichens
Auctioned Off as Fundraisers for Two B.C. Environmental Groups; Phillip
Merrill Youngman: 1927-2011 (395-396)

Index to Volume 125 (397-413)

 Club Reports
Instructions for authors (414-416)

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