Saturday, June 30, 2012

New conference event: natural history walk July 6

We are sponsoring the upcoming Evolution Ottawa conference of ecologists and evolutionary biologists.  There are a few events happening for attendees and their families & friends just before and just after the conference (see list at  We just added another: a family-friendly natural history walk Fri July 6 9-11:00 AM at the Brittania Conservation Area.  Details are pasted below, including the Google Maps link that provides a map and detailed information (I'm proud of having figured out how to create a custom map so please click on it as a courtesy to me).  Dan Brunton is leading the walk, and if you know Dan then you know he'll do a great job - he knows natural history very well, he is involved in local conservation issues, and he's an effective, enthusiastic communicator.  No need to sign up - just show up!

Natural history walk: Brittania Conservation Area, Ottawa
Date: Friday July 6
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
Explore the natural history of an impressive urban natural area, right by the shore of a globally significant waterway (Ottawa River), just 15 km west of the conference centre. See wildlife (lots of herps and birds), species at risk, relict vegetation communities, wildlife corridors, rare habitats, native vs invasive vegetation conflicts, and recreation and ecological protection issues. The trail from the northwest corner of Mud Lake to southwest is about one km - from there you can continue around the lake or return the way you came. The trail is flat, easy to walk, with lots of photo-friendly areas. For visitors who are wondering, you don’t need any bear spray. Walk led by Daniel Brunton, a local naturalist, ecological consultant (Brunton Consulting), and Chair of the Publications Committee of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club ( publishing The Canadian Field-Naturalist (, sponsor of the 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology. To join the walk, show up at 9:00 AM (sharp!) at the northwest corner of the Mud Lake trail. Map and description of this walk is at:

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