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New issue published: 125(3)

We just published another issue of The Canadian Field-Naturalist.  The web version is online, and the print version was mailed on Friday.  There are some interesting articles and passionate book reviews.  Read them for free on CFN's journal website.  The previous issue was just published just a few weeks ago; CFN's editor-in-chief Dr. Carolyn Callaghan is doing a great job catching up our publication dates.

I recommend you read some of the book reviews, including Roy John's assessment of the latest field guide to birds of North America.

I'll write another post soon highlighting a research article or two in this new issue.  There are plenty of good ones to browse through, from a review of conservation threats to mammals in Canada, to the use of remote camera traps to photograph animals in Ontario, and of course the note associated with our front cover's enticing photo: white-nose syndrome in bats (and how raccoons eating dead bats can lead to underestimates of bat mortality).

Presence of Mammals in Ontario, Canada, Verified by Trail Camera Photographs
Between 2008 and 2010 (193-199)
Rick Rosatte

Effects of Feral Horses on Vegetation of Sable Island, Nova Scotia (200-212)
Bill Freedman, Paul M. Catling, Zoe Lucas

Major Threats Facing Terrestrial Mammals in Canada (213-219)
István Imre, Darren Derbowka

Has the Western Chorus Frog ( Pseudacris triseriata ) Declined in Western
Ottawa, Ontario? (220-226)
David C. Seburn, Kari Gunson

Alpine Plant Range Extensions for Northern British Columbia, Including Two
Species New to the Province (227-234)
Kendrick L. Marr, Richard J. Hebda, William H. MacKenzie

Slender False Brome ( Brachypodium sylvaticum , Poaceae), an Invasive Grass
New to Ontario, Canada (235-240)
Brian M. Miller, Robert J. Aitken, Michael J. Oldham, Anton A. Reznicek

Additions to the Vascular Flora of Ontario, Canada, from the Sutton Ridges,
Hudson Bay Lowland Ecoregion (241-247)
Michael J. Oldham, Samuel R. Brinker

Hairy St. John’s-wort ( Hypericum hirsutum  L.) in the Toronto Area, New
to North America (248-251)
Paul A. Heydon, Gavin C. Miller, Michael J. Oldham

Long-term Survival and Reproduction in a North American River Otter ( Lontra
canadensis ) with an Intraperitoneal Radio-Transmitter (252-254)
Jennifer A. Bohrman, Sadie S. Stevens, Thomas L. Serfass

American Pygmy Shrew,  Sorex hoyi , Consumed by an Arctic Grayling,
Thymallus arcticus  (255-256)
Thomas S. Jung, Angela Milani, Oliver E. Barker, Nathan P. Millar

Consumption of Bats ( Myotis  spp.) by Raccoons ( Procyon lotor ) During an
Outbreak of White-Nose Syndrome in New Brunswick, Canada: Implications for
Estimates of Bat Mortality (257-260)
Donald F. McAlpine, Karen J. Vanderwolf, Graham J. Forbes, David Malloch

Book Reviews
"Birds of North America and Greenland" by Norman Arlott. 2011. [book review]
Roy John

"Field Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago" by Martyn Kenefick, Robin
Restall, and Floyd Hayes. 2011. [book review] (261-262)
Roy John

"Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod
Collapse" by D. Bavington. 2010. [book review] (262-263)
Falk Huettmann

"Ecosystem-Based Management for Marine Fisheries: An Evolving Perspective"
edited by A. Belgrano and C. W. Fowler. 2011. [book review] (263-265)
Falk Huettmann

"Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox: A Case Study for Population
Recovery" by Timothy J. Coonan, Catherin A. Schwemm, and David K. Garcelon.
2010. [book review] (265-266)
Renate Sander-Regier

"Greater Sage-Grouse, Ecology and Conservation of a Landscape Species and
Its Habitats" edited by Steven T. Knick and John W. Connelly. 2011. [book
review] (266-268)
Jim Bendell

"Handbook of the Mammals of the World. Volume 2. Hoofed Mammals" edited by
Don E. Wilson and Russell A. Mittermeier. 2011. [book review] (268-269)
Roy John

"A Field Guide to Sea Stars of the Pacific Northwest" by N. McDaniel. 2011.
[book review] (269)
Andre Gerard

"Outbreak, Harm and Control of Algal Blooms in Lakes of China" by Yang Y.
Liuyan and Xiao Lin. 2011. [book review] (270-271)
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili

"Atlas of Biodiversity and Conservation in the Yangtze River Basin" by
Ouyang Zhiyun and Zhu Chunquan. 2011. [book review] (271-272)
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili

"Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: Scientific, Social,
Cultural and Educational Challenges" by UNESCO. 2009. [book review]
Falk Huettmann

"Life of Earth - Portrait of a Beautiful, Middle-Aged, Stressed-Out World"
by Stanley A. Rice. 2011. [book review] (274-275)
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili

"5 Easy Pieces - The Impact of Fisheries on Marine Ecosystems" by D. Pauly.
2010. [book review] (275-277)
Falk Huettmann

"Wetlands of the Ontario Hudson Bay Lowland: A Regional Overview" by John L.
Riley. 2011. [book review] (277-279)
Paul M. Catling

"Wetlands of the Hudson Bay Lowlands - An Ontario Review" by John Riley.
2011. [book review] (279)
Roy John

New titles (280-281)
Roy John

News and Comment
Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles Annual
Symposium 2012; Dr. Kenneth William Stewart 1936-2011 (282)
Carolyn Callaghan

Club Reports
Minutes of the 132 nd  Annual Business Meeting of The Ottawa
Field-Naturalists’ Club January 18, 2011 (283-293)
Ann MacKenzie

Instructions for Authors (294-296)
Carolyn Callaghan

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