Friday, March 16, 2012

CFN site temporarily down (UPDATE: it's back up!)

The Canadian Field-Naturalist website has been was down this week due to technical problems.  I am working with the server and software people to fix it.  I apologize for this inconvenience.  This is especially bad timing considering The Ottawa Citizen just carried a front-page news article covering an article in our latest issue documenting evidence of cougars living in Ontario.

And here is a link to the cougar CFN article:

Here is a link to the Ottawa Citizen article:

I apologize for this inconvenience.  Trust me - I find it much more frustrating than you (unless you too are losing sleep over it).
UPDATE: Our site was back up the day after I posted this.  And we have now posted vol 125 issue 2 - I'll blog about it shortly.  Thank you for your patience while our site was down.

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