Monday, June 20, 2011

Canada Post and CFN

UPDATE: Canada Post is back to work and mail delivery will be back to normal starting today (June 28).

Canada Post is currently in a labour dispute, and as a result there is currently no mail delivery.  I've heard some people talk about how they don't need mail anymore since they get most bills, letters, etc. online.  While I agree that the Internet has reduced people's reliance on postal mail, postal mail is still important.  CFN is certainly impacted by the labour dispute.

CFN sends author invoices, subscription invoices, and of course printed issues by postal mail.  I am working on ways to shift our invoicing from postal to electronic mail (e-mail is faster, cheaper, and less of a pain in the butt to file than paper), but we will still rely on Canada Post for a lot of CFN affairs.  Mail delivery has been suspended for about a week so far.  We hope the dispute will be resolved before the next CFN issue is ready to be mailed.  We apologize to anyone who has tried to mail us correspondence in the past couple of weeks - your mail should get to us once the labour dispute is over.  If the dispute continues for a long time we will provide an update on how we will proceed with CFN operations without the benefit postal mail (I really hope the dispute won't be lengthy).

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